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Hand Me Down, August Redistribution at Maliba Mountain Lodge

So your asking “what is Hand Me Down“? To answer your question, it’s initiative aimed at the collection and redistribution of your old clothes to less fortunate people and communities!
The SA Adventure team was beaming with excitement as we set off on the August Hand Me Down redistribution! The Land Rover’s were packed to the brim with all the bags of Hand Me Downs we had collected. They bounced and weaved their way up a rugged mountain road as we made our way to the Ha Mali Community centre in Lesotho!

We could not believe our eyes when we finally arrived … there were over 200 very excited children there to meet us! Our immediate concern was that we would not have enough Hand Me Downs to go around!
After discussing our concerns with the care givers from the community centre, it was decided that they would manage the redistribution, starting with the children that are double orphans and most in need of clothes!

So while the Hand Me Down team observed the redistribution, we used the time to interact with the elderly and play games with the children everyone was thrilled and bouncing around with excitement!
All the children, as eager as they were waited for their name to be called to receive their Hand Me Downs. It amazed all of us how much respect the children have for their elders! We left the community centre a good few hours into the redistribution and there were still children waiting in line!

Maggie Day one of the Community Volunteers reported back to us that 574 children were able to receive Hand me Downs and that each child received a pair of shoes! Wow, we were blown away, what an achievement!

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who made a donation and helped make these children feel special! We could not do it without your Help! Thank you to all our Hand Me Down volunteers who support us and donate their time to this worthy cause!

We will be going on our next redistribution at the end of September and we need all the help we can get, so please we need you to donate your old unwanted clothes so we can Hand them Down!
For more information on how you can be involved with Hand Me Down, please contact us on The video below shows you just a little bit of the adventure we had on this redistribution! Want to join us on the next one?

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2 Responses to “Hand Me Down, August Redistribution at Maliba Mountain Lodge”

  1. avatar nthabiseng Ramphele says:

    I think this is a humbling cause. Each one of us can make a a difference, does not matter how small or how big. it\’s all about making a difference. How I wish to be part of such initiatives…

    You doing a great job people!!

  2. avatar SA Adventure says:

    Hi Nthabiseng,

    Thank you for your interest, we truly believe in the initiative and are always happy to have people on board.

    We have 2 means of gathering Hand me Downs:
    1) Collection stations – where people can drop off their Hand me Downs, drop them in the box and once the box is full, we collect the items
    (we provide these collection stations)
    2) Collection volunteers – where we collect Hand me Downs from somewhere within the local area.
    Where are you based?

    Once received, we repack all Hand me Downs according to age and gender and have them ready for redistribution.
    We always need help doing this! Many hands make light work.

    We also do 4 redistributions per year. Where for 2012 we have been supporting a community in Lesotho.
    Each redistribution is normally confirmed a month in advance.

    I have added your name to our distribution list so that you can receive all future communication.

    To see what we are up to, please follow us on Facebook:

    Please let us know if you need more detail.

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