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THE KAROO to Coast
4x4 off-road ADVENTURE

Olive Schreiner wrote that the Karoo makes one realise “many so-called important things are really insignificant, yet so many insignificant things are important.” Come and be a part of this incredible 6-day off-road journey, starting from the Karoo and ending at the coast

Karoo off-road tours

off-road ADVENTURE

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through the captivating Nieu Bethesda region. The mission is to redefine the very essence of adventure, uncovering secret hidden gems and encountering breathtaking locations that have remained undiscovered until now. Get ready to be amazed as we unveil a world of unparalleled beauty and intrigue

Karoo 4x4 Tours

Karoo Two Adventure Baviaanskloof

Discover the stunning landscapes of the great and little Karoo regions on this exhilarating off-road adventure. This is your chance to explore the Eastern Cape's mountains and take scenic drives through iconic mountain passes like Baviaanskloof, Swartberg Pass, and traverse down to the infamous Die Hel.

Land Rover Off-Road Adventures


Experience the Eastern Cape's breathtaking highlands and renowned mountain passes on this must-do tour for 4x4 enthusiasts. Discover the region's beauty and conquer famous off-road mountain passes, including iconic Ben Ten Eco-Challenge routes

Ben Ten 4x4 Routes
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