Changing Lives Through Adventure


When most people think of a 4 x 4 expedition, they think of adventure, fun and the great outdoors. Helping children in need might not be the first thing that comes to mind. For Hand Me Down, that is the purpose of their mission – helping others.


SA Adventure runs the initiative. “For many years we have been doing humanitarian 4x4 expeditions through Southern Africa where on each expedition, we help a community through sustainable development projects. While travelling through these colourful countries, we observed the dire need for one of the simplest, basic needs – clothes. Realising that we could use this as another mechanism to help develop sustainable projects within communities, Hand me Down was born.”

Hand Me Down Clothing


There have been a number of success stories and we recall a recent highlight: “ In collaboration with the Maliba community trust, we recently donated Hand me Downs to over 75 orphans in Lesotho. The community had collected over 25 bags of litter for recycling, in exchange for their Hand me Downs. The age group that received Hand me Downs ranged from 0-15 years old.”

Hand Me Down Lesotho
How Do We Help?


A simple concept has managed to help many less fortunate people and their communities. They aim to collect and redistribute second-hand clothes. The initiative drives the community to collect litter in exchange for Hand me Downs. For every bag of litter collected, a bag of Hand me Downs is donated.

SA Adventure Hand Me Down
How Can You Be Involved?


Very often, people don’t know what to do with their second-hand clothing, this project provides the ideal opportunity to help others. “Even when you may think that no one could make use of it, they can, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This includes baby clothes, adult clothes, shoes etc.”

As part of our effort to raise funds, they are also collecting old goods, like pots, pans, old tools, toys, etc. All old goods collected are auctioned and these proceeds go to the collection and redistribution of Hand me Downs.