4x4 Training Pretoria

Our 30% off lockdown special has now ended, but we've decided to keep on giving back to you, and are now offering you a 30% off Christmas special instead!

Buy a friend, a loved one or even yourself an amazing adventure this Christmas and venture out to the bush, and bring your 4x4 for some EXERCISE by attending one of our incredible 4x4 training courses!

Use the promotion code "30 Off Xmas" for your discount when booking your 4x4 training course on our website!

Our Introductory 4x4 Training Course Includes the Following Subjects:

-Off-Road safety

-Understanding your vehicle (High and Low Range gears)

-Cross-axle articulation exercises


-Side Slopes

-Differential locks

-Downhill assist control

-Traction control

-Crawl control

-Tyre pressures

-Wheel placement techniques

-Correct line choice

-A 1-on-1 session with the instructor and your vehicle

-Sand, mud, and water crossing technique’s

-Rocky ascents and descents

-Equipment selection

-Drivers and co-drivers will receive an off-road driving certificate of competency. (SAQA 254135)

Get your Christmas adventures started by booking a 4x4 course for you or that special person by using the link below:

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4x4 Training Course

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