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We've recently teamed up with Tarp and Twill as one of our partners. They manufacture and produce some of the coolest swag and bags on the market. Tarp and Twill's range was inspired by travels in Africa, and is a range of handy, hardy bags and accessories made to accompany you on any adventure. All their products are made from Riptech canvas and lined with upcycled plastic. The products are carefully handmade by developing artisans in South Africa.

We've tried out all their products, and a few of the favourites are the Weekender Bag, the 6 Bottle Cooler and the Tuck Box. But it goes without saying that our favourite bit of kit by far is the Hold All Pannier Bag. Now for those of you who ride an adventure bike, you’ll know the pain of having to unpack your panniers when you get to your lodge. Well the Pannier inner bag makes unloading your bike quick and easy. It can also be used as a multipurpose hold all bag when you're not using it for your travels on your bike.

We believe Tarp and Twill has the complete range of products to help you organise all your gear to take along with you on your next adventure, right down to the Soap on a Rope. You can see their full range of bags and accessories on their website and place your orders through the online shop.

Website: Tarp and Twill

We'll also be running a competition on the 27th April to give you a chance to win one of Tarp and Twill's 6 Bottle Coolers. So make sure to 'Like' and 'Follow' their Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Facebook: @tarpandtwill

Instagram: @tarpandtwill

Tarp and Twill is a proudly South African social enterprise. They work with, and uplift, 34 local artisans and seamstresses in 3 locations in Gauteng, South Africa.

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