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Introduction to Adventure Motorcycling with Harley-Davidson

Introduction to Adventure Motorcycling with Harley-Davidson

If you've been following our thrilling motorcycle tours, you're probably familiar with our passion for exploring the most awe-inspiring parts of South Africa on adventure bikes.


If you have always dreamed of joining us on an adventure but feel hesitant about riding off-road, don't worry! We understand that venturing off-road can be daunting for some riders. You may also be unsure about the right protective gear to buy for adventure riding or which tyre choice to make. Additionally, you may feel uncertain about your motorcycle's various settings and programs, such as ABS and traction control.


Several of our clients who have participated in our motorcycle tours have expressed a desire for a one-day adventure motorcycle training program that can help improve their confidence and equip them with new off-road riding techniques and skills.


Well, we've designed a new comprehensive introduction to adventure bike riding course to fulfil this demand. It's an incredible day where you will learn both basic and some advanced techniques to significantly enhance your confidence and safety on your adventure motorcycle.

An introduction to adventure motorcycling...

Our top priority is your safety and well-being. To ensure this, we will have a support vehicle and trailer fully equipped with all necessary resources, alongside a qualified ILS medic. We've got your back and you can confidently focus on learning and enjoying your motorcycle training without any concerns. adventure motorcycle training BMW adventure bike training

At SA Adventure we're passionate about motorcycles, and that's why we welcome all brands of adventure bikes. So, regardless of the make of your motorcycle, you're more than welcome to join us on our exciting training days.


So, what are you waiting for? Your bike can’t come without you. Reserve your spot now so you don't miss out on the opportunity to take your riding skills and confidence to new heights…

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