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SA Adventure Group Introductory 4x4 Training
  • SA Adventure Group Introductory 4x4 Training

    Get off the Beaten Track...


    The SA Adventure introductory 4x4 Training Course is an awesome way to get started in the world of off-roading! It is suitable for all makes of 4x4 vehicles including "soft-roaders"!

    Our course is designed with the novice in mind and we work on the basis that you know little or nothing about off-roading, your vehicle and its available features! We slowly build your confidence levels throughout this action-packed day at our purposely built off-road training 4x4 trail north of Johannesburg. Our 4x4 Training course is a great way for participants to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of off-road driving and enhance any previously learned knowledge.


    Our enthusiastic 4x4 instructors will teach you all about those buttons, dials and levers in your 4x4 that you have been curious about, and how to get the most out of your vehicle, safely and responsibly! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality 4×4 Driver Training in all off-road situations, whilst having fun at the same time!


    We believe that once drivers become fully confident in handling their vehicles, they can fully enjoy the true off-road 4x4 lifestyle with minimum impact on the environment and their vehicle, allowing you and your family the chance to experience the fun, family-friendly world of 4x4 off-roading in a safe and responsible manner.

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