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SA Adventure Vredefort Dome Outride... With Harley-Davidson Mzansi and Gold Rand

SA Adventure Vredefort Dome Outride... With Harley-Davidson Mzansi and Gold Rand

- R 285 per person

- All adventure motorcycle brands are welcome

- Lunch included 

- Guides, medic and support vehicle as backup

- GPS track supplied

- Novice rider and pillion friendly

- Chance to win great prizes on the day


With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the big city, it’s often difficult to find the time to hit the dirt roads with your motorcycle.  It’s commonly thought that “getting out there” means you must load your bike to the hilt with everything you don’t need and spend six weeks roaming the back roads of the Eastern Karoo for it to qualify as an adventure. 

It’s a romantic notion that we all aspire to after watching Charley and Ewan ride around the world. Here’s the thing…


Just a few hours from Joburg are some of the most scenic back roads South Africa has to offer and guess what?  You can have a fantastic adventure on a Sunday without having to take the kitchen sink with you or six weeks off work!


You might think that’s just a standard run-of-the-mill sort of ride that I do once a month on a Sunday morning to get out of cutting the lawn. Well, we have some good news for you! In collaboration with Harley-Davidson Mzanzi and Gold Rand, SA Adventure is taking you on an outride with a difference…

You may be asking, what makes this ride different from the rest? Well, it's not just going to be a ride; it’s going to be an adventure experience to the Vredefort Dome…

The Vredefort Dome is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the world's oldest meteorite impact site. It’s also known as an astrobleme. The dome was formed by the impact of a gigantic meteorite, larger than Table Mountain when it collided with the earth millions of years ago. With a radius of 190 km, it is also the largest and the most deeply eroded.  The impact was so great that it melted rock instantly and shattered the earth in such a way that it created some pretty big mountains in the area. Advantage to us because the route we travel on our adventure takes us right through these scenic areas and mountains.


We have meticulously set out the route to suit all adventure rider skill levels. The route is mostly off-road, but just as you feel you may have had enough of the dust, we slot a section of scenic blacktop into the mix to give you a little rest before joining the dirt once more. The off-road stretches are not technical, with easy enough gravel roads suitable for novices and pillion riders. 

The SA Adventure team will be there to support riders who may need a guiding hand on the off-road sections. You will learn some new riding skills and feel more confident taking your machine off-road in the future, which is another reason this is an experience and not just another outride. SA Adventure will provide backup in the form of lead and sweep guides, a support vehicle, a trailer, and a medic.  We’ve got your back…

The cost of this unique adventure outride experience is just R285.00 per person. Yes, that’s it, two hundred and eighty-five bucks! You get all the above for that small amount of change, a delicious burger and chips (beef, chicken or veg), and one of the best milkshakes you’ll ever have.  You’ll get to “build your burger” at the stunning Thabela Thabeng Lodge situated inside the Vredefort Dome. They also have a section of the restaurant that you can explore that is dedicated to the history of the area and displays some of the ancient fossils found nearby.

Again, an experience and not just your average weekend ride!

We’ll all meet up at Harley-Davidson Mzanzi from 7 am for a coffee and a chat before embarking on our journey to the Vredefort Dome at 8 am.  We should arrive at around 1 pm for lunch at Thabela Thabeng, and you are free to explore the area a little more after that, maybe even stay over in one of their beautiful chalets…

You’ll also see the range of Harley-Davidson Pan America motorcycles showcased on the day and have the opportunity to ask the team from Harley-Davidson Mzanzi any questions you might have about them.  


As an extra bonus, each rider on the day will be entered into our competition to win some awesome prizes.

Are you feeling excited yet?  We knew you would be, so don’t miss out on this incredible adventure experience with the SA Adventure and Harley-Davidson Mzanzi and Gold Rand teams...

The experience is going to be limited to 40 motorcycles (80 guests - rider and pillion), and you must register and pay online to reserve your spot.

Please note that we love motorcycles, so therefore, ALL brands of adventure bikes are welcome on this adventure…

So, what are you waiting for?

Your bike can’t come without you. Reserve your spot now...

The terms & conditions for the Vredefort Dome Ride Experience with SA Adventure and Harley-Davidson Mzanzi and Gold Rand can be read at the below link:

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