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SA Adventure Joins a Wicked Family...

Wicked Family MX gear South Africa

We are thrilled and excited that SA Adventure has been chosen as the official Wicked Family brand ambassadors in the adventure motorcycle segment. This honour reflects our dedication to adventure motorcycling and our passion for exploring uncharted territory. Wicked Family’s unwavering commitment to top-notch, fashionable off-road motorcycle gear perfectly aligns with our principles, and we are thrilled to be the face of such a well-respected and forward-thinking brand. 

The Wicked Family originated as a group of Swedish riders passionate about speed and mastering raw engine power. From the motocross track to the forest trail, they constantly sought out adventure and aimed to push their limits. However, it wasn't just the adrenaline rush that captivated them - it was also the people they encountered and the sense of freedom that came with living life to the fullest.

Adventure Bike Gear Johannesburg

As their passion for adventure grew, so did their desire to contribute to the sport they loved. This led them to create products that were not just stylish but also practical, enabling riders to tackle any challenge. Thus, Wicked Family was established with the aim of producing rider gear and apparel designed to withstand the demands of an adventurous lifestyle.

The brand was introduced in 2018 and has rapidly expanded worldwide. It offers high-quality rider gear in a fun and customisable manner. With their mix-and-match concept, riders can express their unique style on the trail, allowing them to showcase their personality and stand out from the crowd.

Over the past month, the SA Adventure team has been testing out products from the Wicked Family range during our adventure bike training days and outrides. We have a unique approach to gearing up for our rides, prioritising safety above all else. We prefer a modular system, which aligns perfectly with the Wicked Family brand. If you’ve attended one of our adventure motorcycle training days, you’re familiar with our setup and may have even adopted it yourself. For those who haven’t joined us on one of our training days yet, here’s a brief overview of how we prepare for our off-road adventures…

Wicked Family motorcycle kit

We’ve discovered that using this system helps us stay cool and feel less fatigued when we’re out exploring on our bikes. It also provides better protection than the traditional “adventure bike style” suits available on the market. 

A huge thank you to the Wicked Family. We are excited to continue our journey with you and have the opportunity to display our adventures alongside their exceptional products. 

If you’re interested in seeing the Wicked Family gear in action with our modular-style adventure riding gear setup for yourself, consider signing up for one of our introduction to adventure motorcycling training courses. It’s a confidence-boosting day of learning new riding skills in a fun and safe environment.

Adventure Bike Training Gauteng

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Keep the Rubber Side Down,

Big Love, the SA Adventure Team.

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