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The Eastern Cape High Passes
Adventure Motorcycle Tour


5 Days



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19-23 Oct 24

Places Available

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Overview of the Experience

Join us on this incredible motorcycle journey through the rugged terrain and untamed wilderness of the Eastern Cape’s highlands. Prepare to be amazed by breathtaking vistas that will leave an everlasting mark on your soul. From majestic peaks to vibrant valleys, every moment of this adventure motorcycle tour will be filled with beauty and wonder.


But it's not just the natural wonders that make this motorcycle adventure unforgettable. The memories and friendships we create along the way will stay with you forever. Share laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment with fellow adventure riders who share your passion for exploring the unknown on motorcycles. Embrace the spirit of discovery as we venture into the heart of the Eastern Cape's highlands, uncovering hidden trails and routes that few have had the privilege to ride.

As you traverse some of South Africa's highest mountain passes on your bike, you'll not only experience their beauty but also sharpen your riding skills and techniques. Our expert guides will be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and tips to help you navigate any challenges

that may arise. You'll acquire new on and off-road riding skills, enhancing your overall riding prowess, so don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This motorcycle expedition will ignite your sense of adventure, push your limits, and elevate your adventure bike riding skills. 


So, if you're ready to redefine your adventure motorcycle riding experience, gear up, rev up your engines, and embark on this epic motorcycle adventure to the mountains that will challenge you and invigorate your soul. The captivating highlands of the Eastern Cape await your exploration, and we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. It's an experience that will create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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Ben Ten Motorcycle Routes

Meeting Day: As the captivating charm of the magnificent mountains beckon, we come together at our exquisite accommodation just outside of Kokstad, filled with anticipation for the upcoming motorcycle adventure. Tonight, we are fortunate to indulge in a delicious dinner that will excite our taste buds and provide the perfect opportunity to connect and get to know our fellow adventure bike riders.

As the night progresses, the SA Adventure team, a group of experienced explorers, will enchant us with their extensive knowledge and adventures, providing a complete overview of the upcoming tour. Their vast expertise and captivating stories from past adventure motorcycle tours will transport us to faraway places and awaken our desire to explore. We will also delve into the fascinating history of the area, gaining a deeper understanding that will enhance our appreciation for the region.


After a night of camaraderie and enlightenment, we retreat to our opulent rooms. The comfort of our accommodations ensures a peaceful and rejuvenating night's sleep, enabling us to wake up refreshed and prepared for the extraordinary motorcycle expedition that awaits us in the morning.

Tour Day 1: Before embarking on an exhilarating day of riding, the SA Adventure team will conduct a brief workshop focusing on off-road adventure motorcycle riding skills. This session will equip you with valuable tips to establish a strong foundation for the off-road sections of our journey. Once we are prepared, we hop aboard our motorcycles and commence our adventure along incredibly scenic routes that lead us to the highest mountains in South Africa. Our path consists of gravel back roads that guide us to the historic village of Rhodes in the Eastern Cape. While these gravel roads won’t present significant technical challenges, there are sections that will test your abilities and the capabilities of your adventure bike. Today, we will conquer the following high passes: Lusipoort, Pitseng, and Naudes Nek. 


Tour Day 2: Prepare for an incredible day of adventure motorcycle riding. We will embark on a loop that delves deep into the mountains, offering breathtaking twin-track routes. Along the way, we will conquer two more of the renowned Ben Ten high mountain passes, namely the Volunteershoek pass and the absolutely mesmerising Lundin's Nek pass. Additionally, we will take on the challenging route down to the War Trail area and have the opportunity to witness the remarkable Ben Macdhui, the highest peak within South Africa's Eastern Cape region. Amidst all the thrilling adventures, we will make a stop at Bidstone Farm for a delicious lunch that includes the finest homemade pizza and apple pie you have ever tasted. Today we conquer a series of high passes including Carlieshoekspruit, Volunteershoek, Wartrail, and Lundeans Nek, leading us to the magnificent Dangers Hoek lookout point.


Tour Day 3: As we bid farewell to the peaceful village of Rhodes, our adventure takes us towards the town Barkley East. In the early part of the day, we traverse well-maintained gravel roads that offer a smooth and speedy ride. Along the way, we encounter the picturesque Bokspruit pass, where we navigate a few shallow river crossings and seize numerous opportunities to capture breathtaking photos of the surrounding landscape and our beloved motorcycles. Our next conquest is the remote and steep Bottle Nek pass, a 5.1 km long gravel pass located north of Elliot. Finally, we reach our evening accommodation, nestled atop the majestic Barkley Pass. Today's adventure encompasses the thrilling high passes of Bokspruit, Barkley, and Bottle Nek.

Tour Day 4: Today is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure motorcycle experience. Our challenge for the day is to conquer the technical Bastervoetpad Pass, a pass that may be slow but offers breathtaking views that seem to stretch endlessly. Not many people have the privilege of riding their motorcycles in this area, making it all the more special. We break for lunch in Mclear before embarking on a scenic gravel track that leads us to the captivating Tsitsa waterfall, a sight not to be missed. Our final destination for the evening is our cosy lodge in Kokstad. Throughout today's ride, we will conquer the high passes of Bastervoet, Gatberg, and Fetcani. As we come together around the dinner table for our final night, we will reflect on the incredible experiences and camaraderie we have shared on this off-road motorcycle adventure. It will be a time to cherish the memories, laughter, and stories we have accumulated, fostering lifelong bonds. With hearts filled and spirits soaring, we bid farewell to the majestic mountains of the Eastern Cape, knowing that this extraordinary motorcycle journey will forever hold a special place in our hearts…

Ben 10 High Passes Motorcycle Tour

Accommodation And Food

Guest House Accommodation:

Ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable motorcycle adventure requires finding the perfect accommodation. Thankfully, the Eastern Cape offers a variety of charming and welcoming guest houses that will make you feel right at home. 


During this adventure bike tour with SA Adventure, you can expect a mix of historical cottages, luxurious guest houses, and quirky hotels. Each lodging option is carefully selected and features stunning gardens, peaceful surroundings, and breathtaking views of the Eastern Cape's majestic mountains. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the serene and tranquil atmosphere of the area. 


The guest houses take great pride in providing exceptional service and creating a warm and inviting environment for their guests. The friendly and knowledgeable hosts are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm and love for this unique region of South Africa.



To truly complete this experience, it is essential to indulge your taste buds with the delicious local cuisine available at charming restaurants. The Eastern Cape is renowned for its satisfying and mouthwatering home-cooked dishes that will leave you yearning for more. 


We have gone above and beyond to uncover the hidden culinary gems, ensuring a unique gastronomic journey for you. These restaurants and eateries offer a wide range of options, from traditional dishes to international cuisine infused with local flavours. With fresh and locally sourced ingredients, these establishments create flavourful and authentic meals. Whether you crave a succulent lamb shank, a juicy steak, homemade pizza, or a delightful vegetarian dish, this off-road motorcycle adventure has it all covered.

5 nights of accommodation and all breakfasts are included with this tour package.

Rhodes Village Eastern Cape Motorcycle Tours
Tour Highlights

Tour Highlights

  • Lundeans Nek Pass

  • Carlieshoekspruit Pass

  • Volunteershoek Pass

  • Lundeans Nek Pass

  • Bottle Nek Pass

  • Bastervoetpad Pass

  • The War Trail area

  • Home-made pizza and apple pie at Bidstone Farm

  • Exploring the historical village of Rhodes

  • Riding some of the Ben Ten high mountain passes

  • Seeing the majestic Ben Macdhui mountain

  • Eagles Crag and Dangers Hoek viewpoints

  • The ride to Tsitsa Waterfall

  • Fantastic accommodation and food 

Lundeans Nek Motorcycle Routes
What You'll Learn

Learning on the fly

This adventure motorcycle experience is not only about the exhilaration of the ride, but also about fully immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and fascinating history of this remarkable region. Get ready to be captivated, enlightened, and astonished by the incredible array of experiences that the Eastern Cape has to offer.

  • Geology: As we venture through the Eastern Cape, you will have the chance to become acquainted with the remarkable geological formations that define this region. The distinctive sandstone and shale structures shape the breathtaking mountains we will traverse on our journey. Prepare to witness and appreciate the ancient rock formations that have withstood the passage of time, as we ride through this awe-inspiring landscape.

  • Biodiversity and Nature: The Eastern Cape is truly a marvel of natural diversity. This region proudly showcases the incredible richness and variety of South Africa's biodiversity, with all three of the country's biodiversity regions represented. Prepare to be astounded by the abundance of unique ecosystems and species that call the Eastern Cape home.

  • Rich Cultural Legacy: The Eastern Cape holds a special place in history as the birthplace of Nelson Mandela and is steeped in a rich cultural heritage. Its captivating past includes the reigns of Xhosa Kings and the storied accounts of battles fought for land and country. From legendary tales to historical truths, the Eastern Cape weaves together a tapestry of narratives that reflect the indomitable spirit and resilience of its people.

This adventure motorcycle tour is for you if:

  • You have previous experience riding adventure bikes off-road, and now you are seeking a more exhilarating and demanding challenge.

  • You are eager to expand your expertise in off-road riding and acquire advanced adventure riding skills and techniques.

  • You have a strong desire to invest in your personal development as an adventure motorcycle rider and transform yourself into a highly skilled, safer, and more confident rider.


Your bike can’t go without you, so sign up for the ultimate adventure that will take you beyond the ordinary motorcycle tour. Uncover the treasures of knowledge, history, and unparalleled experiences that await you in the Eastern Cape. Take charge and satisfy your curiosity by embarking on a life-changing expedition...

Eastern Cape Adventure Motorcycle Tour
Bastervoetpad Pass Motorcycle Route
Naudes Nek Motorcycle Routes
Tsitsa waterfall Eastern Cape

Ride Grading

Why select SA Adventure as your Adventure Motorcycle Tour provider? It's simple - we possess the experience and expertise. Since 2009, we have been arranging off-road motorcycle experiences, and our proven track record speaks for itself.

From various locations like Peru and the Karoo, we have successfully led and organized adventures. Our reputation is further enhanced by our collaborations with respected individuals such as Charley Boorman, Billy Ward, Claudio Von Planta, Dylan Wickrama, Moto Aventures, and Compass Expeditions.

At SA Adventure, prioritizing safety is paramount. We go the extra mile to ensure your well-being throughout your adventure. With a fully equipped support vehicle and trailer, a lead and sweep rider, and a dedicated medic on every tour, you can ride at your own pace with the confidence that our exceptional backup crew is there for you.

When you choose us for your motorcycle adventure, you can unwind and fully enjoy the journey. We take care of all the details, from planning the best routes to arranging top-quality accommodations and delightful meals. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable riding experience that will leave a lasting impact...

Grade 4 Motorcycle Route

This motorcycle tour is classified as a Grade 4.

See our ride grading system HERE for more details.

SA Adventure Motorcycle Tours
Ride Grading
Our Motorcycles

Our Adventure Bikes

You can choose to bring your own adventure motorcycle or rent one of ours. Either way, we guarantee you'll experience the thrill of exploring South Africa's stunning landscapes on a motorcycle. Our rental service allows you to ride the legendary BMW brand's top-of-the-line motorcycles, specifically designed for off-road adventures. Whether traversing rugged terrains or cruising along scenic routes, our BMW motorcycles provide the perfect blend of power, performance, and comfort. With our well-maintained fleet, you can fully immerse yourself in the excitement of exploring South Africa's diverse terrain, from the awe-inspiring mountains to the breathtaking coastline. Embark on an unforgettable journey, create incredible memories, and discover the true spirit of adventure. 

We take pride in the quality of our motorcycles and ensure that they are maintained to the highest standards. Our fleet comprises late-model bikes that are carefully selected to provide you with a comfortable and hassle-free riding experience. Each bike undergoes thorough inspections and servicing to ensure that it is in optimal condition before renting it out to you. Furthermore, we equip each bike with a GPS and fit it with new tyres that are specifically chosen to match the terrain of your adventure, these, as well as fully comprehensive insurance, are included in the daily hire cost. You can be confident that you will ride a reliable and safe motorcycle on your adventure.

BMW 1250 GS

Experience the thrill of adventure on your terms with the BMW 1250 GS. With its advanced technology and comprehensive equipment, you can safely and dynamically navigate any terrain with this adventure motorcycle

1254cc | 136 HP at 7 750 rpm


Std seat height: 850/870 mm

Low seat height: 820/840 mm

ABS | ESA | Rider modes | Cruise Control | GPS

Fuel tank capacity 20 liters

Wet weight 249 kg

Tubeless tyres

BMW 1250 GS for hire South Africa

BMW 850 GS

Get ready for the ultimate adventure with the 850 GS. It offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort. With a powerful engine that packs a punch, you'll be able to tackle any terrain with ease

853cc | 90 HP at 8 250 rpm


Std seat height: 860 mm

Low seat height: 835 mm

ABS | ESA | Rider modes | Cruise Control | GPS

Fuel tank capacity 15 liters

Wet weight 233 kg

Tubeless tyres

F850 GS for rent South Africa

BMW 750 GS

The F 750 GS is a powerful motorcycle perfect for exploring the open road in South Africa. With its responsive handling and advanced suspension system, it promises an unforgettable adventure on two wheels

853cc | 77 HP at 7 500 rpm


Std seat height: 815 mm

Low seat height: 790 mm

ABS | ESA | Rider modes | Cruise Control | GPS

Fuel tank capacity 15 liters

Wet weight 227 kg

Tubeless tyres

BMW Motorcycle Rental South Africa

Dates and Pricing

  • 19 - 23 October 2024

  • R 9 950 per person sharing

  • Single room supplement at R 2 200

  • Only 12 places are available

  • Your luggage goes in the support vehicle

  • Guides, medic and support vehicle on the tour

  • GPS tracks supplied


  • 5 nights of guest house and hotel accommodation

  • All breakfasts

  • On-the-fly off-road rider training and guidance

  • SA Adventure gift pack

  • Full SA Adventure support team

Not Included

  • Fuel and motorcycle hire

  • International flights and visas

  • Lunches, dinners and drinks

  • Optional activity costs 

Dates and Pricing
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