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1- Trainee Eligibility

Trainees must have a current driver’s license that is valid in South Africa. We welcome learner license holders and regard these as being acceptable for training courses. Acceptance of any trainee on a course is subject to the trainee and any pillions signing the SA Adventure Motorcycle Training indemnity form online.


2- Where our Courses are Held

The course is hosted at SA Adventure's training grounds in the Cradle of Humankind and some of the surrounding areas. Please note that all training course modules must be completed to receive your certificate of completion. This includes the theory sessions and any outrides included in the course curriculum. 


3- Health and Safety

The training is conducted in a natural bush setting on bush tracks in various stages of repair and some man-made obstacles. The course is designed to introduce trainees to the real world of adventure motorcycling and may, at times, place them outside of their comfort zone. However, SA Adventure always regards the health and safety of course participants as our highest priority. The tracks usually used in the process of course delivery may be changed and/or varied at the discretion of SA Adventure for health and safety issues regarding trainees and/or motorcycles. In addition to the motorcycle training accreditation requirements, your instructor has qualifications in Risk Management, Emergency Situation Procedures and Remote First Aid, including CPR. The SA Adventure support vehicle that will be present on your course is fully equipped with appropriate recovery, medical and other equipment for training, demonstration and other purposes as required by statutory and other authorities.


4- What You Should Bring With You

You should wear all your gear all the time, especially your helmet. A hat should be worn, and sunscreen should be used to prevent sunburn for demonstrations while we are off the motorcycles. Water or juice should be brought along for when we are on the training trail itself. Water will also be supplied by SA Adventure. Please note that trainees who arrive for training with unsuitable rider gear will not be able to participate in the training. Please ask us if you need to clarify anything about your rider gear.


5- Motorcycle Requirements and Eligibility

Trainees will use their own motorcycles or a suitable motorcycle hired at their own cost. Motorcycles must be registered, be in road-worthy condition and be mechanically sound.

SA Adventure takes the health and safety of its trainees and clients very seriously, and your instructor has the authority to remove any participant and/or vehicle from the course where the instructor judges a vehicle to be unsafe and/or unroadworthy and/or a threat to the health and/or safety of its rider, pillion and/or any other course participant.


6- Disability, Language, Numeracy and Literacy Eligibility

The course is delivered in English only. However, we are happy to have non-English speaking trainees participate in our courses, providing an approved interpreter is supplied at the trainee’s expense. 


7- Trainee Feedback

SA Adventure requires trainee feedback, comments and suggestions on the completion of the training in our endeavour to continually improve the standards of the training and services that we offer and to satisfy statutory government reporting requirements. We appreciate it, and we thank you in advance for your input.

8- Code of Conduct

Trainees who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and or recreational drugs of any description will not be able to participate in any training courses, and neither will the consumption of the above during the training be allowed. By doing so you will be asked to leave the training course. Abusive, threatening and/or course language or acts will not be regarded as acceptable behaviour and you will be asked to leave the training course at the instructor's discretion. SA Adventure will not condone harassment of any nature by any trainee/s against another. Trainees who engage in harassment will be asked to leave the training course at the instructor's discretion. In the event that SA Adventure asks a trainee to leave a course or cancels a trainee’s course participation due to any of the above no refunds will be issued and no future alternative training courses will be agreed on.


9- Assessment Process

Off-road adventure motorcycle training courses conducted by SA Adventure are competency-based and are assessed as such. In the event that a trainee is assessed as Not Yet Competent the trainee will be given the opportunity of completing further study and / or practical training on the day or at another mutually acceptable time. There may be an additional fee for this additional training and, or, reassessment.


10- Liability Waiver / Risk Indemnity Form

I hereby understand that off-road motorcycle riding activities can be dangerous and can cause injuries, death and, or, vehicle damage. I hereby indemnify and hold SA Adventure, any employee and/or any agent, service provider or supplier engaged by SA Adventure for purposes of the course and/or the owner/landlord of the property on which the course is presented harmless against all liabilities, claims, losses and damages of whatsoever nature which the aforementioned persons may sustain as a direct result, of me riding the motorcycle where such claims, losses and damages are caused by my negligent or willful act or omission, including but not limited to a breach of the warranties contained in this document.

I warrant that I am in good health and that I do not suffer from any illness or disability which may make it unsafe to ride any motorcycle. I voluntarily participate in the course and am aware of the risks, dangers and perils attendant upon any form of riding event.

This release extends and applies to, and also covers and includes, all unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated and unsuspected personal loss, injuries, death and, or, vehicle damage.

I understand that the consumption of alcohol and/or the use of narcotics and/or other mind-altering drugs is forbidden prior to and during the course sessions. Being under the influence of, or the use and, or, consumption of the above prior to, or during training sessions, will result in the immediate, non-refundable, termination of my training.

I declare that I have read the above, understand its contents and agree to participate in the off-road adventure motorcycle training course and on the above terms and conditions.

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