Oops, I Got Stuck! Now What?


To drive a vehicle off-road requires an entirely different set of skills to driving on the road. Added to those skills must be included training in the safe and correct means of handling a vehicle recovery. At some point, we are all going to get stuck while we are on our 4x4 off-road adventures! When this happens it’s very important to know how to use all the recovery equipment you have bought to get yourself out of trouble quickly and most importantly of all safely!   For this purpose, SA Adventure has launched a 4x4 vehicle recovery course, the recovery course truly is a step ahead of your regular 4x4 training course. It covers everything from 4x4 recovery techniques, equipment explanation, recovery orientation to simulating scenarios that you could potentially encounter on your travels through the African bush!


There is a misperception that unless you are somewhere in “Deep Dark” Africa, you will not get your vehicle stuck and will not need recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes even a Sunday afternoon outing to your local park with the dogs can result in a stuck 4x4 vehicle that needs recovering! 

How to use a Hi Lift Jack

Where's the Location?


The 4x4 recovery course takes place on natural terrain at the Hennops Off-Road Trail. It is important that all occupants of the vehicle are made aware of the risks involved in vehicle recovery, but most of all that the driver is knowledgeable of the position the vehicle is in, the equipment they have to recover it and understands and respects the vehicles and recovery equipment’s limitations and is able to identify the resources that nature has provided for them to leverage off of and use to their advantage! People often have difficulty understanding what 4x4 recovery gear is important and how each item or tool is used. This course will also help you to evaluate which tools and accessories are truly a must-have and will ensure that you are comfortable with each item or tool and its functionality. When recovering your vehicle, safety comes first, we teach you to safely recover your vehicle from real situations and that theory, once understood, can be used practically to help you get out of any tricky or sticky situation!

So What Will I Learn?


The emphasis throughout this course is on safety and the prevention of damage to one’s self, your 4x4 vehicle, your recovery equipment and the environment!

We will learn the difference between various pieces of recovery equipment and how to use it correctly and safely!


Our 4x4 Recovery Course Includes the Following:


Pulling a stuck vehicle out both with a Kinetic and Static recovery strap

How to correctly rig a recovery strap and winch cable

Towing someone in an off-road setting

Pulling/Winching yourself and other vehicles out

Hi-Lift and air jacking

Self-recovery from sand and mud using sand tracks

Tyre repair

and much more


It is recommended that an SA Adventure Introductory 4x4 Training Course be completed before undertaking this Recovery Course, as this will give you the basic off-road understanding of your 4x4’s off-road capabilities.


4x4 Training
Air Jack

What We Offer!


Group Recovery 4x4 Training:

This course starts at 9 am and usually ends around 2:30 pm.  Our 4x4 recovery training course takes place at the Hennops Off-road Trail. The cost is R1399-00 for the driver. An additional cost for all passengers of R375-00 per person will apply. Additional drivers that will be sharing your vehicle and also want to qualify for a driver training certificate will be charged R795-00 per person. Drivers and co-drivers will receive an off-road driving certificate of competency.


How Do I Book My Training?


If you wish to attend one of our 4x4 Recovery Training days, please fill out the online booking form by clicking the BOOK NOW link below! All of the available group training dates are on the booking form so please select the date you would like from the list.  Once we have received your booking form we will send you an invoice and a map to our training facility.  If you are buying a training course as a gift for someone please mark on the booking form if you would like us to email you a gift voucher. Please note the course is completed in your own vehicle.



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