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Introductory 4x4 Training

SA Adventure offers a fantastic introductory 4x4 training course, which is perfect for anyone looking to delve into the world of off-roading. The course caters to all types of 4x4 and 4x4 soft-roader vehicles. Designed specifically for beginners, we assume that you have little to no knowledge about your 4x4 and its various features.

4x4 Training Courses in Gauteng

Introductory 4x2 Training

We believe that off-roading is not only limited to 4x4 vehicles, and for those who are passionate about off-roading but only have a 4x2 vehicle, navigating rugged terrains can sometimes be quite daunting. If you feel this way then our 4x2 off-road training program is designed specifically for you.

4x2 Off-Road Training Course

Adventure Bike Training

We've designed a fresh, exciting and comprehensive introduction to adventure motorcycle riding course. It's an incredible one-day training course where you will learn both basic and advanced techniques to significantly enhance your confidence and safety while riding your adventure motorcycle off-road.

Adventure Motorcycle Training
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