A Passion for Off-Roading


SA Adventure was established with the intent of teaching people how to use their 4x4 vehicle correctly, responsibly and safely!  We have built a solid reputation for providing professional 4x4 training courses by experienced instructors and outstanding customer service.

Each one of our highly qualified and credentialed instructors have many years’ experience driving 4x4 vehicles both recreationally & commercially in challenging situations and remote areas.

For everyone here at SA Adventure, 4x4’ing is not just a job for us all but has been a lifelong passion and is still our favourite pastime, yourself and / or your employees will benefit from our many years experience.

Our very popular recreational 4x4 training courses are a fun way for individuals, couples and families to learn the essential skills to be able to safely take the 4x4 off the beaten track. So whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime or just want to gain some much needed confidence or essential experience with your chosen 4x4 vehicle then you have come to the right place. No matter what level of 4x4 experience you have we have a 4x4 training course to suit you!

SA Adventure also offers self drive guided 4x4 tours and safari’s to all Southern African countries!

Please feel free to contact us with all your 4x4 related questions!


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