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Motorcycling Training... An Introduction to Adventure Riding

Adventure Bike Training for Women

Discover the untapped potential within yourself and your adventure bike. Experience an unforgettable day of learning new riding skills exclusively tailored for adventure motorcycles at our venue in the Cradle of Humankind.

Embrace an unparalleled off-road journey where safety, knowledge, experience, and the sheer joy of riding converge to create an inspiring and unforgettable adventure.

What makes our motorcycling training course different?

- Dedicated focus on all brands and models of adventure bikes.

- You’ll learn to utilise your bike to enhance your riding experience fully.

- Our training centre and course content are designed to provide a safe and customised learning experience.

- You’ll never be pushed beyond your limits and can practice modules of the course in your own time in a safe environment.

- Our course is specifically designed for riders who are new or have never ridden their motorcycle off-road before.

What you’ll learn on the day:

- Setting up your motorcycle for off-road riding correctly.

- Motorcycle settings such as ABS and traction control.

- Motorcycle protection.

- Packing your adventure motorcycle.

- Tyre choice for your adventure motorcycle.

- Choosing the correct off-road riding gear.

- Adventure riding etiquette.

- Body position on your bike for adventure riding.

- Correct techniques for lifting the motorcycle if it falls.

- Clutch and brake control.

- Correct off-road braking techniques - especially for downhills and emergency situations.

- Balance and momentum while riding standing up off-road.

- Keeping the motorcycle upright in off-road situations at low speeds.

- U-turns and cornering.

- Real-world ascents and descents.

- Learn to ride ruts and rocky terrain confidently.

- Single-track techniques and practice.

Take your off-road motorcycling to the next level with our expert guidance. For all the information on our Introduction to Adventure Motorcycling course, such as costs and available dates, please follow the link below:

Adventure Motorcycle Training Gauteng

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