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The Magnificent Mountain Top
4x4 Adventure - Eastern Cape


4 Days



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9-13 Aug 24

16-20 Aug 24

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Overview of the Experience

Get ready for an absolutely incredible 4x4 journey through the magnificent untamed wilderness and rugged terrain of the Eastern Cape's highlands. Prepare to be absolutely blown away by breathtaking vistas that will leave you feeling ecstatic and fulfilled. From majestic peaks to vibrant valleys, every moment of this off-road adventure tour will be filled with awe-inspiring beauty and wonder that will take your breath away. 


But it's not just the natural wonders that make this 4x4 experience unforgettable. The memories and friendships that you will form along the way will be priceless. Share laughter, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment with fellow adventurers who share your passion for exploring the unknown in your 4x4 vehicles. Embrace the spirit of discovery as we venture into the heart of the Eastern Cape's highlands, uncovering hidden trails and routes that hardly anyone has had the privilege to drive.

As you conquer some of South Africa's highest mountain passes, including many of the famous Ben Ten Eco-Challenge routes, you'll not only experience their beauty but also sharpen your

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off-road driving skills and techniques. Our expert guides will be with you every step of the way, offering guidance and tips to help you navigate any challenges that may arise. This is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and take your off-road driving skills to new heights. 


So, get ready to redefine the meaning of an off-road adventure. Gear up, rev up your engines, and embark on this epic expedition to the mountains that will challenge you and invigorate your soul. The captivating highlands of the Eastern Cape are waiting for your exploration, and we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. It's an experience that will create cherished memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Pajero Crossing River 4x4
Tour Overview

Meeting Day: The allure of the majestic mountains is impossible to resist, and we are thrilled to be staying at our unique lodging near Kokstad, eagerly anticipating the upcoming 4x4 adventure. We are in for a treat tonight with a delectable dinner that will tantalise our taste buds and provide the perfect opportunity to bond and get to know our fellow adventurers.


The SA Adventure team, a group of seasoned explorers, is sure to captivate us with their wealth of knowledge and exciting tales from their past 4x4 tours. Their expertise and enthralling stories of faraway places will ignite our passion for exploration. We will also delve into the fascinating history of the area, gaining a deeper understanding that will enhance our appreciation for the region.


After a night of camaraderie and enlightenment, we retire to our luxurious rooms. We can rest easy and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the extraordinary off-road expedition that awaits us in the morning.


Tour Day 1: Prior to an exhilarating day of driving, the SA Adventure team will provide a brief workshop on off-road driving techniques. This session will furnish you with valuable tips to establish a solid foundation for the off-road sections of our journey and to offer you a better understanding of how your 4x4 vehicle operates.


Once we are prepared, we will jump into our 4x4s and embark on our adventure along breathtaking routes that lead us to the highest mountains in South Africa. Our path consists of gravel back roads that guide us to the historic village of Rhodes in the Eastern Cape. Although these gravel roads won’t pose significant technical challenges, there are sections that will put your abilities and the capabilities of your 4x4 to the test. Today, we traverse over the following high passes: Lusipoort, Pitseng, and Naudes Nek.

Eastern Cape High Mountains 4x4 Routes. Ben 10 Eco Challenge

Tour Day 2: Get ready to experience an unforgettable day filled with thrilling off-road adventures. Our route takes us deep into the mountains, where we’ll tackle breathtaking twin-track 4x4 trails and conquer two of the world-famous Ben Ten high mountain passes: Volunteershoek Pass and the absolutely mesmerising Lundin’s Nek Pass.


In addition, we’ll journey down the challenging War Trail area and witness the remarkable Ben Macdhui, the highest peak in South Africa’s Eastern Cape region. Amidst all the excitement, we’ll stop at Bidstone Farm for a scrumptious lunch that includes the most delicious homemade pizza and apple pie you’ve ever tasted.


Today’s adventure will be an exhilarating drive as we conquer a series of the Ben Ten high passes, including Carlieshoekspruit, Volunteershoek, Bidstone, and Lundeans Nek, leading us to the breathtaking Dangers Hoek lookout point at the summit in the afternoon.


Tour Day 3: As we say goodbye to the peaceful village of Rhodes, we eagerly set off towards the town of Barkley East. The day begins with us cruising along well-maintained gravel roads that offer a smooth and speedy off-road experience. Along the way, we are treated to the stunning Bokspruit pass, where we make our way through a few shallow river crossings and take advantage of numerous opportunities to snap breathtaking photos of the beautiful landscape and our trusty 4x4 vehicles.


Our next challenge is the remote and steep Bottle Nek pass, a 5.1 km long gravel pass located north of Elliot. Finally, we arrive at our evening accommodation, nestled in the mountains. Today’s adventure has been filled with thrilling high passes, including Bokspruit, Barkley, and Bottle Nek.

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Tour Day 4: Today is a day that will remain etched in your memory forever. We are embarking on a thrilling 4x4 adventure like no other. The trail leads us to our next challenge, the legendary Bastervoetpad Pass, a true bucket-list item for any 4x4 enthusiast. The anticipation and excitement are palpable as we navigate through this picturesque pass. The climb may be slow, but its views are breathtaking. As we ascend, we are treated to spectacular vistas that seem to stretch out endlessly before us. The scenery is so pristine and untouched that it cements we are the only ones on the road. It's a privilege that not many get to experience, making it all the more special. As we traverse this rugged terrain, we take the opportunity to capture some stunning photos of the landscape and our trusty 4x4 vehicles. The beauty of the Eastern Cape is truly awe-inspiring.


Our adventure together culminates in a cosy lodge nestled atop the majestic Barkley Pass. This stunning location is the perfect place to reflect on the day's adventures and bond with our fellow travellers. Over a hearty meal, we reminisce about the incredible experiences we've shared and the memories we've made. We know that this 4x4 off-road adventure has brought us closer together, and we are grateful for the lifelong friendships that will come out of it.


As we bid farewell to the majestic mountains of the Eastern Cape, our hearts are full, and our spirits are soaring. We know that this extraordinary journey will forever hold a special place in our hearts...

Ben 10 Eco Challenge 4x4 Tours

Accommodation And Food

Guest House Accommodation:

Finding the ideal place to stay is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable 4x4 adventure. Fortunately, the Eastern Cape boasts a range of charming and hospitable guest houses that will make you feel right at home. 


This off-road journey promises a blend of historical cottages, luxurious guest houses, and fabulous hotels. Every accommodation option is thoughtfully chosen and boasts stunning gardens, serene surroundings, and breathtaking views of the Eastern Cape's magnificent mountains. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the area. 


The places we’ll be staying at on this off-road tour take immense pride in delivering exceptional service and creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere for their guests. The hosts are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about sharing their love and enthusiasm for this unique region of South Africa.


To fully immerse yourself in the experience, it’s important to treat your taste buds to the delectable local cuisine offered at charming restaurants. The Eastern Cape is well-known for its satisfying and mouth-watering home-cooked meals that will leave you wanting more.


The SA Adventure team has gone the extra mile to discover some hidden culinary treasures, providing a unique gastronomic journey for you. These restaurants and eateries present a diverse range of options, from traditional dishes to international cuisine infused with local flavours.


Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, these establishments create flavourful and genuine dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a succulent lamb shank, juicy steak, homemade pizza, or a delightful vegetarian dish, this off-road experience has everything covered.

This tour package includes 4 nights of comfortable accommodation and breakfast for every day of your trip.

Rhodes Accommodation Eastern Cape 4x4 Tours

Tour Highlights

  • Lundeans Nek Pass

  • Carlieshoekspruit Pass

  • Volunteershoek Pass

  • Lundeans Nek Pass

  • Bidstone Pass

  • Bastervoetpad Pass

  • The War Trail area

  • Home-made pizza and apple pie at Bidstone Farm

  • Exploring the historical village of Rhodes

  • Driving some of the Ben Ten high mountain passes

  • Seeing the majestic Ben Macdhui mountain

  • Eagles Crag and Dangers Hoek viewpoints

  • Seeing snow on the mountains (Seasonal)

  • Fantastic accommodation and food 

4x4 Routes and Tours in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Tour Highlights

Learning on the fly

Prepare for an unforgettable 4x4 adventure that goes beyond just the thrill of driving. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural scenery, diverse cultural traditions, and fascinating history of the Eastern Cape region. You’ll be amazed by the incredible range of experiences that await you.

  • As we travel through the Eastern Cape, you'll see remarkable geological formations. The unique sandstone and shale structures shape the breathtaking mountains we'll pass. Prepare to witness ancient rock formations that have withstood time, as we ride through this awe-inspiring landscape.

  • Biodiversity and Nature: The Eastern Cape is truly a marvel of natural diversity. This region proudly showcases the incredible richness and variety of South Africa's biodiversity, with three of South Africa's biodiversity regions represented. Prepare to be astounded by the abundance of unique ecosystems and species that call the Eastern Cape home.

  • Rich Cultural Legacy: The Eastern Cape holds a special place in history as the birthplace of Nelson Mandela and is steeped in a rich cultural heritage. Its captivating past includes the reigns of Xhosa Kings and the storied accounts of battles fought for land and country. From legendary tales to historical truths, the Eastern Cape weaves together a tapestry of narratives that reflect the indomitable spirit and resilience of its people.

This 4x4 adventure tour is for you if:

  • You have previous experience driving your 4x4 vehicle off-road, and now you are seeking a more exhilarating and demanding challenge.

  • You are eager to expand your expertise in off-road driving and acquire advanced off-road driving skills and techniques.

  • You have a strong desire to invest in your personal development as an off-road driver and transform yourself into a highly skilled, safer, and more confident off-roader.


Don't let your 4x4 vehicle go on an adventure without you! Sign up for the ultimate off-road experience that goes beyond the ordinary tour. Get ready to uncover a treasure trove of knowledge, history, and unforgettable experiences in the Eastern Cape. Take control and quench your curiosity by embarking on a life-changing expedition that will leave you in awe…

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What You'll Learn
Tour Grading

Tour Grading

Why choose SA Adventure for your Magnificent Mountain Top 4x4 Adventure? It's simple: We are experts in what we do! With a history dating back to 2009, our experience speaks for itself.


We have organised and led adventures in various locations, from Peru to the Karoo and beyond. Our reputation is backed by our collaborations with renowned personalities such as Charley Boorman, Billy Ward, Claudio Von Planta, Dylan Wickrama, Moto Aventures, and Compass Expeditions.


Safety is our top priority. Nothing matters more than your well-being during your 4x4 adventure. That's why we provide a full support vehicle, lead and sweep vehicles, and a medic on every tour. You can drive at your own pace, with the assurance of our exceptional backup team always having your back.


Leave the little details to us and relax on your off-road adventure. We have meticulously taken care of everything to ensure that your 4x4 experience is truly unforgettable...

Grade 4 4x4 Route
SA Adventure Support Vehicle Panda Prado

This 4x4 tour is classified as a Grade 4.

See our tour grading system HERE for more details.

Dates and Pricing
  • 9-13 August 2024 / 16-20 August 2024

  • R 9 990 per person sharing

  • Single room supplement at R 2 200

  • Only 12 places are available

  • Your luggage goes in the support vehicle

  • Guides, medic and support vehicle on the tour

  • GPS tracks supplied


  • 4 nights of guest house and hotel accommodation

  • All breakfasts

  • On-the-fly off-road rider training and guidance

  • SA Adventure gift pack

  • Full SA Adventure support team

Not Included

  • Fuel 

  • Lunches, dinners and drinks

  • Optional activity costs 

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