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The Toyota Hilux, 4th Generation. The Marty McFly Edition...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Back to The Future Pick Up Truck
4th Generation Toyota Hilux

We can all remember Marty McFly's awesome Hilux from the film Back to the Future... I had a poster of it on my wall as a boy.

Our previous blog post covered the awesome 3rd generation Hilux, how could Toyota better it? Well, let's find out. The fourth-generation Hilux was released in November 1983 and was produced until 1988. The 4x4 models came with a new body. The external appearance of the 4th generation models were characterised by their blister fenders on the front and rear. The Xtracab was also introduced which provided an extra 15cm of storage space behind the front seat, a perfect and discreet place for fitting in a tool box.

The Hilux was starting to experience some competition from its Nissan counterpart and so some improvements were made to the interior trim which included full height door trims and a steering wheel that matched the interior colour of the vehicle. Very retro!

The huge improvements were hidden underneath the vehicle, especially the 4x4 version which only kept its leaf spring live axle front set up for the first year of production before being upgraded to the Hi-Trac independent front torsion bar suspension.

Customers were wanting more horsepower! Nissan had decided to fit a V6 petrol engine in their pick up, and so Toyota decided to do the same. The new front independent suspension made it viable to install the 3VZ-E 3.0 liter V6 with the smooth delivery of 150 hp @ 4,800 rpm and torque of 180 lb/ft @ 2,400 rpm. It was not very fuel efficient.

During production of the 4th generation Hilux, Toyota introduced the Hilux Surf in some markets. Although based on the Hilux the Surf's body differed in having no window between the rear of the front seats and the rear compartment, and in having rear seats under an enclosed removable fibreglass top it was deemed a station wagon. It had an upgraded trim version with more comprehensive instrumentation and more upmarket interior.

This is our fourth instalment in an eight part series of blogs about the history of the Hilux right up to the current model. So follow along right here or on our Facebook page. Please share if you're a Toyota Hilux fan.

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