Basic 4x4 Training

One Day Course

SA Adventure’s introductory 4x4 Training Course is a great way to get started in the world of off-roading! It is suitable for all types of 4x4 and 4x4 soft-roader vehicles!
The course is designed with the beginner in mind and we work on the basis that you know nothing or little about your 4x4 and all it features! We slowly build your confidence levels throughout this fun-filled day at our purpose-built 4x4 training facility north of Johannesburg. This course is a great way for participants to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of off-road driving and enhance any previously learned knowledge.

4x4 Recovery Training

One Day Course

To drive a vehicle off-road requires an entirely different set of skills to driving on the road. Added to those skills must be included 4x4 training in the safe and correct means of handling a 4x4 vehicle recovery. At some point, we are all going to get stuck while we are on our 4x4 off-road adventures! When this happens it’s very important to know how to use all the 4x4 recovery equipment you have bought to get yourself out of trouble quickly and most importantly of all safely! 

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