Get off the Beaten Track...


The SA Adventure introductory 4x4 Training Course is an awesome way to get started in the world of off-roading! It is suitable for all makes of 4x4 vehicles including "soft-roaders"!


Our course is designed with the novice in mind and we work on the basis that you know little or nothing about off-roading, your vehicle and its available features! We slowly build your confidence levels throughout this action-packed day at our purposely built off-road training 4x4 trail north of Johannesburg. Our 4x4 Training course is a great way for participants to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of off-road driving and enhance any previously learned knowledge.


Our enthusiastic 4x4 instructors will teach you all about those buttons, dials and levers in your 4x4 that you have been curious about, and how to get the most out of your vehicle, safely and responsibly! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality 4×4 Driver Training in all off-road situations, whilst having fun at the same time!


We believe that once drivers become fully confident in handling their vehicles, they can fully enjoy the true off-road 4x4 lifestyle with minimum impact on the environment and their vehicle, allowing you and your family the chance to experience the fun, family-friendly world of 4x4 off-roading in a safe and responsible manner.

Where do I do my 4x4 Training?


Our 4x4 training course is located near Hartebeespoort Dam at the Hennops Off-Road Trail, just far enough out of town to feel like you are in the Bush! Surrounded by the pristine African bush on a wildlife 4x4 trail that boasts Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Impala, black-backed Jackal and a host of other indigenous species, including our famous 'Zonkies' Harry and Oscar.

The 4x4 adventure takes us to the heart of the trail, where at our boma styled classroom we have morning coffee or tea. This is where we conduct the theory part of your 4x4 training.  After the theory, we move to the specially designed 4×4 trail that simulates terrain you would typically find throughout Southern Africa. It's here we teach you to deal with off-road situations that you will encounter on your 4x4 adventures into the great Southern African outdoors!

So What Will I Learn?


Our 4x4 training course starts off with a theory session that covers all the basic's about your vehicle and off-road driving. We don't spend hours on this as we believe it's better to see things in a practical environment. Once you understand the theoretical side of things we move onto the 4x4 trail where you will actually drive your vehicle through various obstacles in a practical teaching environment. The instructor will always be there to guide you through and answer all your questions throughout the day.


The 4x4 Course Includes the Following Subjects:


-Off-Road safety 

-Understanding your vehicle (High and Low Range gears) 

-Cross-axle articulation exercises


-Side Slopes

-Differential locks

-Downhill assist control

-Traction control

-Crawl control

-Tyre pressures

-Wheel placement techniques

-Correct line choice

-A 1-on-1 session with the instructor and your vehicle

-Sand, mud and water crossing technique’s

-Rocky ascents and descents

-Equipment selection

What 4x4 Courses do
SA Adventure Offer?



Group Introductory 4x4 Training:

This 4x4 training course starts at 9 am and usually ends around 3 pm. Our 4x4 driver training course takes place at the Hennops Off-road Trail. The cost is R1399-00 for the driver. An additional cost for all passengers of R375-00 per person will apply. Additional drivers that will be sharing your vehicle and also want to qualify for a 4x4 training certificate will be charged R795-00 per person. The cost for children under 16 years will be R150 per child.  


Drivers and co-drivers will receive an off-road driving certificate of competency. (SAQA 254135)



1-on-1 Introductory 4x4 Training:

1-on-1 4x4 Training is available on request only. Dates for this training will depend on your request. Our 4x4 driver training course takes place at the Hennops Off-road Trail. The cost will be R2995-00 (includes the driver and co-driver). This 4x4 training is offered on a 1-on-1 basis and as such provides you with the opportunity to gain the most from the day. Please note that this will only be available during weekdays from 10h00 to 15h00. Additional passengers will be charged R375-00 per person. Children under 16 years at R150-00.


Drivers and co-drivers will receive an off-road driving certificate of competency.  (SAQA 254135)

How Do I Book My 4x4 Training?


Now that you've decided to attend one of our 4x4 training courses, choose the type of 4x4 training that would suit you, either a group or a 1-on-1 training class. All of the available group 4x4 training dates are on the booking form and you can schedule in a 1-on-1 date on our online booking system. Once we have received your booking form and payment, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details of your 4x4 training day. 


 If you are buying a training course as a gift for someone please mark on the booking form if you would like us to email you a gift voucher. Please note the training course is completed in your own vehicle.  Please also check out our testimonial page where you can see what our past customers have to say about their 4x4 training day! 

SA Adventure covers all makes of vehicles on our 4x4 driver training, such as Land Rover, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Isuzu, Nissan, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Mahindra and soft-roaders. 

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