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Adventure Motorcycle Training Weekends

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If you've been following our thrilling motorcycle tours, you're probably familiar with our passion for exploring the most awe-inspiring parts of South Africa on adventure bikes.


If you've always dreamt of joining us on an adventure but feel unsure about off-road riding, fear not! We understand that venturing off-road can be daunting for some riders. Perhaps you're also uncertain about the various settings and programs on your motorcycle like ABS and traction control.


Many of our clients who have joined us on our easier tours have expressed a desire for an adventure motorcycle training program that can boost their confidence and equip them with new off-road riding skills and techniques.


To fulfil this demand, we've partnered with Mike Grimsted, an Internationally accredited BMW Motorrad instructor. Together, we've crafted an incredible adventure motorcycle training weekend where you can learn both basic and advanced techniques to significantly enhance your confidence on your adventure motorcycle.

Training Overview

Overview of The Training

As always, your safety and peace of mind are paramount to us. That's why we'll have a fully equipped support vehicle and trailer on-site, accompanied by a qualified ILS Medic. This ensures you can focus on learning and enjoying your experience without any concerns.


We're passionate about motorcycles, and that's why we welcome all brands of adventure bikes. So, regardless of the make of your motorcycle, you're more than welcome to join us on this exciting training weekend.


So, what are you waiting for? Your bike can’t come without you, reserve your spot now so you don't miss out on the opportunity to take your riding skills to new heights…

Adventure Motorcycle Training
Training Venue

Where do I do my Adventure Motorcycle Training?

Just a short distance of 9km from the Lesotho border and 30km from Clarens, you will find the stunning Boulders Adventure Academy, surrounded by the majestic Maluti mountain range. This academy has rightfully earned its reputation as the home of champions! One of these remarkable champions is Brandon Grimsted, the son of Mike, who earned his place to represent South Africa at the esteemed 2020 BMW GS Trophy held in New Zealand. Alongside his talented teammates, BJ Vosloo, Cobus Theron, and Byron Coetzee, they achieved an incredible feat by bringing the trophy back to South Africa for the third consecutive time. Their victory came after a fierce competition against 22 teams from all over the world.


During your weekend stay, you will be accommodated in comfortable shared units, fostering a sense of community and friendship among participants. Additionally, all training sessions will take place right at the academy, providing convenience and allowing you to fully embrace this exceptional experience. As an added treat, Mike's lovely wife Nadine, who is also a skilled rider, will delight you with her irresistible cherry rusks and homemade meals, ensuring a truly delightful culinary experience throughout your stay.

Motorcycle Training with Mike Grimsted

So What Will I Learn?

Our adventure motorcycle training course starts on Friday afternoon with an in-depth theoretical session that thoroughly explores the basics of off-road riding, rider gear, tires, and motorcycle protection.


Instead of focusing extensively on theory, our priority is to provide hands-on experience, as we believe it is more effective. Therefore, on Saturday morning, we move to the training field where you will actively manoeuvre your motorcycle through various off-road obstacles in a practical teaching environment.


From conquering challenging terrain to overcoming obstacles, our goal is to equip you with the skills and techniques needed to confidently navigate various off-road scenarios on your bike. On Sunday morning, we will embark on an outride in the surrounding area to further solidify your learning. By putting everything you've learned into practice, you'll gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to conquer rugged landscapes and embark on unforgettable off-road adventures on your motorcycle.

The Course Includes the Following Subjects:

​Friday at 16H00 theory:

  • Setting your motorcycle up for off-road riding

  • Body position on your bike for adventure riding

  • Tyre choice for your adventure motorcycle

  • Packing your adventure motorcycle

  • Motorcycle protection

  • Choosing the correct off-road rider gear

Saturday's training will cover:

  • Correct off-road braking techniques - especially for downhills and emergency situations 

  • Clutch and brake control

  • Correct techniques for lifting the motorcycle if it falls

  • Balancing and momentum while standing up off-road

  • Manoeuvrability on the motorcycle while riding in off-road conditions

  • Keeping the motorcycle upright in tricky off-road situations and at low speeds

  • Staying in control of the motorcycle at very slow speeds

  • Learn to ride ruts, mud, water crossings and rocky terrain

  • Singletrack techniques and practice

  • Short outride in the mountains where you can put everything into perspective - a great end to the day!

Sunday morning's off-road outride:​

We experience an awe-inspiring outride along the Lesotho border. The ride serves as the perfect opportunity to put your newfound off-road riding skills to the test in a real-world setting. Marvel at the breathtaking scenery while navigating challenging terrains, allowing you to gain valuable experience and boost your confidence in handling various off-road situations.​

This adventure motorcycle training course is for you if:

  • You’ve never ridden your adventure motorcycle off-road before

  • You’ve ridden off-road but would like an extra boost of confidence

  • You would like to further your off-road knowledge and learn new off-road techniques

  • Anyone who has not done a training course for some time and would like to refresh their skills

  • You would like to invest in yourself and become a better, safer and more confident adventure motrocycle rider

Learn to Turn my Adventure Motorcycle
Brandon Grimsted Bike Training
How to pick up my adventure bike
Adventure Bike Training
What You'll Learn
Triumph Off-Road Training

About your instructor

With an impressive 14 years of experience in motorcycle training, both on-road and off-road, Mike Grimsted has established himself as an Internationally Accredited BMW Motorrad Instructor. His commitment and passion for training are undeniable. What sets Mike apart is his ability to tailor courses to meet the specific needs of each individual, ensuring that all candidates receive the personal attention and professional coaching they deserve.

One remarkable aspect of Mike's approach is his inclusivity and open-mindedness towards motorcycles of any make or brand. He does not discriminate against any brand, welcoming riders no matter what they choose to ride.

Recognizing his expertise, Mike has been invited to teach in both Jordan and Dubai. Currently, he continues to teach regularly in Dubai, showcasing his knowledge and skills in this global adventure motorcycling hub.

Mike Grimsted Boulders Adventure Academy
Your Instructor

Dates and Pricing

  • 26-28 January 2024

  • R 4 650 per person sharing

  • Only 10 places are available

  • Guest house accommodation 

  • All makes of adventure motorcycles are welcome


  • 2 nights of guest house accommodation

  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • Instructors and backup crew

  • Support vehicle and trailer

  • ILS medic on-site

Dates and Pricing
SA Adventure Motorcycle Training
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