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Most of us form part of the Rat race. That strange way of life where we are all caught up in a fiercely competitive grapple for wealth and power.

To some extent this struggle is necessary for survival, but perhaps it’s also necessary that we sometimes step out of the domes (governed by gadgets and noise and electronics) we’ve created for ourselves, and experience the earth, the rain, the sunshine, oceans, stars, clouds, valleys and mountains.

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When last did you look at the stars? Do you still know where to find the Southern cross? When last did you try to make shapes out of the formations of clouds? When last did you climb out of your car onto a gravel road and breathed in fresh mountain air and experienced complete silence - interspersed with the sounds of curious cows or sheep or high altitude birds?

Can you remember the last time you experienced the joy and awe of seeing something new for the first time?

These things are important to human beings. We need awe. We should be tapping as much from life as we possibly can. We need to exhale the long deep breath we took in March of 2020.

For us at SA Adventure, there are few things that can compare to the feeling we get when we share our beautiful country with our fellow explorers. To see faces filled with awe. We hear the phrase “I had no idea my own country was this beautiful” time and time again.

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We would like to share our adventures and experiences with you.

Our Awe inspiring, Great South African Escape 4x4 Adventure through the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands; Wild Coast; Rhodes & Barkley East; Hogsback; and Karoo will absolutely topple you in wonder.

Here are just a few of the amazing stops along the way:

-KwaZulu Natal Midlands: Meet at Nottingham Road. Drive through the extraordinary Midlands Meander and over phenomenal passes such as the Mzintlava River Pass. In 1997 it was reported that a "giant reptile monster" was sighted in the Mzintlava river. This glow in the dark monster dubbed Mamlambo was reported to be 20 meters (67 feet) long. According to villagers, the creature had the head of a horse, lower body of a fish, neck of a snake, stocky legs, and was apparently responsible for nine deaths between January and April in 1997. Keep an eye out for Mamlambo when crossing the Mzintlava river!

Mzintlava River Pass, Mamlambo, river, canyon, delta, KwaZulu - natal

-The Wild Coast: Approaching our accommodation, you will drive through a section of the magnificent Magwa Tea Plantation. This is known to be one of the worlds largest tea plantations. The evergreen tea bushes, hugging the rolling hills and surrounded by borders of massive Eucalyptus trees are a sight to behold. Encounter Nguni cows on the beach, and see the incredible scenery and vegetation that only this part of South Africa has to offer!

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-Rhodes: If your farm life fantasies include waking up to mountain sheep baaing in the distance, a multitude of high altitude birds singing songs you've probably never heard before, and breathing in wonderfully unpolluted crisp air, then look no further than Rhodes! See the wonders of some of South Africa’s highest mountain passes which forms part of the BenTen Echo challenge: Passess such as Naude's Nek, the Wartrail, Carlisleshoekspruit pass and Volunteershoek pass! Stop and take a moment to examine the vegetation at these high altitudes.

-Barkley East: Deep in the the heart of Wild Mountain Country near Barkley East, we visit a beautiful farm in the most tranquil setting. We'll enjoy mouth-watering wood-fired pizza's while we sit under lush trees overlooking the the trout dam. Following the pizza's we’ll be served delectable apple pie - made with the freshest apples from the farm - with lusciously rich custard.

-Hogsback: Hidden away in the remote little nook in the Amatola Mountains we find this intriguing little town surrounded by spectacular Afromontane forests. There are two legends about how the village got it's name: Hogsback was taken either from Captain Hogg of the British army based here in the 1880’s, or more likely, from the shape of the 3 mountains which overlook the village. These stunning mountains are topped by rocky ridges that resemble the bristles on a hog’s back. Be transported to a magical world of mountains and forests and brave the famous Michel's pass!

-Gariep dam: One of our favourite places to see on our way to Gariep is the Katberg pass leading us to the Devils Bellows, where wild horses will run right alongside our vehicles! Surrounded by cliffs, dramatic views that only the Karoo can offer, the Gariep dam will take your breath away. At night, take some time to look at the stars - and find the stories you may have thought long forgotten.

18-24 February 2021, 4 places available 1-7 April 2021, Easter weekend, 14 places available

So why go on a 4x4 Tour with SA Adventure?

SA Adventure has been conducting off-road 4x4 tours for just over 10 years. Our track record speaks for itself and the relationship we have with all the lodges on this South African 4x4 tour have been built up over the years. We pride ourselves on safety and nothing is more important to us than your well being while on tour. We have a full support truck, guide and medic on every tour. You can relax on your 4x4 adventure and know that SA Adventure has taken care of all the details to make your experience an unforgettable one!

“WHEREVER YOU GO, GO WITH ALL YOUR HEART” See you in the mountains.

Please share this post with your friends and family on your social media channels, it really helps us!... Please support local South African companies during this trying time... Stay Safe, Big Love, the SA Adventure Team!

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