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The Toyota Hilux, 2nd Generation

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

2nd Generation Toyota Hilux
2nd Generation Toyota Hilux

Following on from yesterdays blog post about the 1st Generation Hilux Toyota in May 1972 launched the 2nd Generation Hilux. The series featured an updated body and it came in both a short and long wheelbase variant. The length of the load bin remained unchanged from the previous model.

They upgraded the engine in the "Highway" model to a 2.0 liter 105 BHP unit said to be much smoother than its predecessor.

Available transmissions for the Hilux were expanded from the standard all synchromesh four speed manual to provide an optional 5 speed manual or three speed automatic. Not only were there more transmission options but buyers could opt for either column or floor shift gear levers. The column shift fitted vehicles continued to be fitted with a front bench seat while the floor shift models featured individual front seats.

Also improved for the 2nd generation were the Hilux’s safety features. It now had servo-assisted dual brake master cylinders and load-sensing brake proportioning valves on the rear brakes.

This is our second in an eight part series of blogs about the history of the Hilux right up to the current model. So follow along right here or on our Facebook page. Please share if you're a Toyota Hilux fan.

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