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The Importance of Having Your Vehicle Properly Insured when Going on an Adventure...

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Rolled over 4x4

For nearly two years the world has been pretty much in lockdown when it comes to travel. What we've noticed in the off-road insurance industry is that more and more South African’s are starting to venture off the beaten track and explore the beautiful back roads of South Africa and our bordering countries like Namibia and Botswana with their 4x4 vehicles and Adventure Motorcycles

However, before you head out on your epic adventure, be it on your own or with a reputable touring company like SA Adventure, it is highly advisable to check exactly what your current insurance policy covers you for. Basically, just to get an idea of what limits you have on your policy or what is covered or not covered when going off-road or crossing the border into a different country.

First For Africa Brokers has focused on the main benefits that set a niche Adventure Insurance policy, that has been designed for offroad adventures, apart from a standard insurance policy.

Our Adventure Insurance policy covers the following:

· Cover for your own vehicle or motorcycle while over the border extending to more countries compared to standard insurance cover.

· Unforeseen events (Damage, malicious, storm & theft to own vehicle only, mechanical/electrical breakdowns)

· Theft and Accidental damage to Winch.

· Winching equipment breakdown.

· Protection, removal and towing (Not utilising any call centre – no cell phone signal areas)

· Fire Extinguisher costs.

· Vehicle repatriation 4x4/4x2/SUV/Motor Home/Motorcycle following an accident.

· Vehicle repatriation 4x4/4x2/SUV/Motor Home/Motorcycle following mechanical/electrical breakdown.

· Medical Assistance with hospitality benefits outside of RSA.

· Car hire following theft/hijack – Cat B vehicle – limited to 200km.

· Emergency repairs outside RSA - following an accident.

· Agreed value on aftermarket accessories and fitments.

What do 4x4 drivers typically get exposed to?

· Political instability or unrest in a country.

· Theft or attempted theft of vehicle or accessories.

· Attacks from wildlife.

· Inappropriate road surfaces or non-existent roads.

What are some of the risks you need to consider when going on off-road adventures?

· The biggest risk with regards to off-road adventure is the overturning of a 4x4 vehicle.

· Motorcycle single-vehicle accidents.

· Theft.

· Damage by wild animals.

· Emergency repairs after damage to the vehicle.

· Bringing the vehicle back home after an unfortunate event.

What can adventurers do to protect themselves from some of these risks?

· Always ensure that your 4x4 vehicle or adventure motorcycle is properly equipped to perform on the chosen terrain.

· Ensure you are familiar with your chosen terrain.

· Purchase insurance cover to protect yourself from unforeseen events.

· Seek advice from people who have experience in the area.

· Research, research, research.

How to pick up a BMW GS

At First For Africa Brokers, we are adventure enthusiasts just like you. We have partnered with Insurance companies who have designed products specifically for the growing 4×4 and off-roading community.

We have experience in everything “adventure” and we offer a wide range of innovative value-added products designed for the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by many South Africans.

Contact First For Africa Brokers for a competitive quotation if your current insurance policy doesn’t suit your 4×4 or adventure motorcycle outdoor lifestyle.

Please check your current insurance policy. Make sure you are properly covered for your next off-road adventure!

All SA Adventure clients get preferential rates on our policies. Use the referral code SAADV when enquiring on our website here: First For Africa Brokers

This article was written by Craig Coward, First For Africa Brokers

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Stay Safe, Big Love, the SA Adventure Team!

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